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Honduras Oboe Project Education, Inc. (HOPE) is a non-profit organization founded by visionaries Francisco Rodríguez, Eder Rivera, Euridice Alvarez and Raquel Muller. We seek to provide high-level oboe education and music programs locally and nationally.

Our primary goal is to ensure that each of our students at HOPE has an excellent instrument, adequate oboe supplies for reed making, and music lessons from the best teachers, thereby allowing students to focus on the art of playing the oboe without limitations. We train them so that in the future they can have the opportunity and the skill level to continue their studies in Central America, Europe and the United States. HOPE´s mission is to provide these opportunities to talented and deserving Honduran oboists.

How can you help?

The Honduras Oboe Project Education, Inc. (HOPE) was created to provide low-income
communities with the opportunity to study the oboe through student scholarships,
maximizing their potential to eventually study abroad. HOPE provides oboe, piano, and
music theory classes to musically talented young people.

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Why should you donate to HOPE?

To nurture and develop musical skills and creativity of our youth by studying an unconventional instrument such as the oboe.

To promote the musical talent of young Hondurans inside and outside of Honduras

After an extensive program of 4-5 years, HOPE will issue the student a diploma in musical studies certified by UCENM.

To cultivate an artistic education that will open the doors to a future of opportunities, focused on an instrument with a declining tradition in our country.

To empower disadvantaged young people by studying a musical career with an instrument that offers great potential for higher education studies abroad.

To continue to foster and protect the importance of culture in society in a developing country



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