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Why donate to HOPE?

To help musically talented young people to study an unconventional instrument such as the Oboe.

Promote the musical talent of young Hondurans inside and outside Honduras.

After an extensive 4-5 years program, HOPE would award the student a diploma in music studies with UCENM certification.

After an extensive 4-5 year program, HOPE would award the student a diploma in music studies with UCENM certification.

Because through his contribution, he is encouraging young people of limited resources, to study a musical career with an instrument that has as a promising career for studies abroad. Due to the high cost of studying for a career as an oboist, today it is difficult to achieve.

Continue to promote culture in a third world country.

How we help?

The Honduras Oboe Project Education, Inc. (HOPE) was created to provide low-income communities with the opportunity to study the oboe through student scholarships. These scholarships provide the opportunity to learn an instrument and have greater opportunities to study abroad. HOPE provides oboe, piano and music theory lessons to musically talented young people.

Your contribution helps promote the future
of young Hondurans through music!

Donate a Reed making Kit!

More ways to contribute to HOPE

Oboe donations

It is very important to us that each student has his or her own oboe. Our students will learn more effectively if they have a good instrument.

Donation of materials to make reeds

The reed is the primary part of producing sound on the oboe. Our students use material to make reeds constantly. The material the reeds are made of is a living organism, a type of bamboo grass that degrades with use.


Music stands donation

Music stands for reading and playing music are essential.

Electronic keyboard donation

It is important for each student to be able to practice piano constantly.

You can send your donations to the following address:

United States
  • Eurídice Álvarez
    1409 S 11th Street
    Waco, TX 76706
  • UCENM facilities
    13 Avenue SE, San Pedro Sula 21103, Honduras Room #207
    We are open: 3:00 - 7:00 pm Monday to Friday

Frequently asked questions and answers

The money will be used to purchase instruments, or materials needed to teach at HOPE.


Below is a list of websites where you can purchase instruments and/or accessories to donate: 

RDG Woodwinds Inc

Bocal Majority

Mark Chudnow Woodwinds


Accessories for making reeds:

Midwest Musical Imports


Rod Making Supplies: 

Ann Hodge Products, Inc

Forrest The Double Reed Specialist

It can be purchased from the internet sites listed on our website. 


You can buy music here: Trevor Music


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