Classes offered

Music Theory


Oboe lessons

Piano lessons

How are the classes distributed?

40-minute music theory class every day from Monday to Friday.

Two 40-minute oboe lessons per week.

Piano lesson of 40 minutes per week.

40-minute reed-making class per week.

Eight 40-minute blocks per week to practice the oboe.

Objectives of studying at HOPE

  • Develop reed-making skills.
  • To broaden the knowledge of the repertoire in the areas of solos, studies and orchestral excerpts from various periods and styles.
  • Show improvement over the course of the semester by playing the assigned repertoire at the end of each period.
  • Develop listening skills and provide positive feedback.
  • Acquire musical and technical skills on the oboe.
  • Create a daily routine of warm-up exercises and practice routines.
  • Produce a personal digital music library in PDF and audio files.
  • Improve musical perception, expressive skills, technical dexterity, rhythmic accuracy, articulation, pitch and intonation.

Eligibility for HOPE scholarships

Between 11 and 15 years old

Pass the music proficiency exam with a minimum score of 80%.

Commit by contract to attend our classes.

Upcoming registrations

Admission test at the end of January.

Are you interested in a HOPE scholarship?

Leave us your information to keep you informed of our admissions:

    Frequently Asked Questions


    We have an admission test at the end of January


    At the beginning of each year, in the last week of January, we invite students through social media, emails and other channels to be part of HOPE. Once the invitation is made, students must take and pass a musical aptitude test. After the student passes the aptitude test, they agree to participate in a five-day seminar to further examine their musical talent and aptitude. We also give the student a questionnaire asking for general information.

    The aptitude test consists of five sections: rhythm, high and low pitch recognition, chord recognition, imitation of short melodies and singing a song. The proficiency test is taken by all HOPE board members. We repeat each exercise three times to give the student time to assimilate the sounds/chords. Each section is worth 20 points. In order for the student to pass, a minimum score of 80% or higher must be obtained.

    During the seminar the music school director will further measure the student’s musical talent and aptitude. The director will give further tests of singing, theory, rhythm, aural skills and will measure the student’s physical qualities for playing the oboe. At the end of the seminar, the director gives another general test on all the musical skills listed above. If the student scores over 80%, the student is admitted to HOPE on a full scholarship.


    We only work with donations through educational institutions and only once a year. Don’t forget to be part of our “Oboe Day”. During this day we usually include a kit with reeds and other materials.


    Unfortunately we do not offer private oboe lessons outside of HOPE.


    Our role is to help talented young Hondurans learn the oboe in a specialized way.


    We accept ages between 11 and 15 years old


    Unfortunately, we do not have the staff trained to care for children with disabilities.


    We will have recitals two or three times a year.


    UCENM, Aula #207 

    13 Avenida SE, San Pedro Sula 21103, Honduras

    A music career at HOPE lasts a maximum of four years.


    Unfortunately we do not rent oboes at the moment.


    We teach oboe, music theory, and piano.


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