What’s the meaning of the word Honduras?


According to historian Robustiano Vera, Honduras owes its name to the depths or cliffs
surrounded by hilly terrain, which the first explorers found on its shores. It is said that
when they were able to leave the area, they exclaimed: "God, deliver us from these
depths!" Before its current name, the Honduran territory was known as Hibueras or
Higueras. Located in the center of the Central American isthmus, the Republic of
Honduras is the second largest and the most mountainous country in Central America,
with two thirds of its territory above 980 feet of elevation.

Timeline of the Oboe in Honduras


Leonel López began his oboe studies with a trumpet teacher at the Díaz 
Zelaya National Conservatory of Music. In its beginnings, it was called the
Vocational School of Music. Don José Ramón Galo bought reeds in the
United States and these were used for teaching the instrument. (Leonel
López is believed to have been the first Honduran oboist).


Roberto Varela began his oboe studies in the Conservatory also with Mr. José Ramón Galo.


Leonel decides to go to Costa Rica to specialize in oboe with Jorge Luis Rodríguez. Jorge is currently the principal oboist of the Costa
Rican Symphony Orchestra, and teaches at the National Institute of

1986 - 1987

Leonel studied in Costa Rica with American style reeds.

He also received master classes from Neil Boyer, an oboist from Vermont at youth camps from 1987-1990.


Roberto also receives classes with oboist Neil Boyer in the youth music camps.


Leonel teaches oboe lessons at the Victoriano López School of Music.
During this time, Euridice Alvarez began her oboe studies with Leonel Lopez.


Masayuki Kato arrives in Honduras through an alliance with Japan for 4 years. He teaches a French system for reed making, instead of a German system. For this reason, Leonel does not continue his oboe studies with Masayuki.


Roberto studies with Masayuki Kato.


Jose Ángel Abrego teaches oboe at the Victoriano López.

1994 - Present

Roberto began teaching at the Conservatory. He also taught sporadically at the Victoriano López.


Raquel Martínez began her studies at the Victoriano López.

1995 - 2018

Marlon teaches oboe at the National School of Music.


Mateo Martínez began his studies at the Victoriano López.


Francisco Rodríguez began his studies at the Victoriano López and studies with Héctor Alvarado, Roberto and Jose.

2000 - 2005

Jose teaches oboe at the Victoriano López


Nuzzly Reyes began his oboe studies at the Conservatory with Roberto.


Fernando Martínez began his oboe studies at the National School of  Music, and he receives lessons with Marlon.


Allison Flores enters Victoriano López and receives lessons with Francisco.

2008 - 2017

Francisco teaches oboe at the Victoriano López.


Eder Rivera begins oboe lessons with Francisco at the Victoriano López.


Ana Mendoza begins oboe studies at the Conservatory with Roberto.

2013 - Present

Leonel begins to teach oboe at the National University Autonomous of Honduras.


Masai Sagastume begins his oboe studies with Roberto.

2017 - 2020

Marlon teaches oboe at the Victoriano López.


Annie Garcia begins oboe lessons with Roberto.


HOPE non-profit organization is established in the United States. The oboe school is based at the Evangelical Christian University New Millennium (UCENM), associated by agreement.

In Honduras, around twenty oboists have been trained in a period of four generations, since 1982. These have continued an oboe career in Honduras and/or abroad either through graduate studies, working and playing in an ensemble, or simply teaching the instrument. The oboe family in Honduras is small, but immeasurably talented within and beyond our borders.

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