Is currently the general director of Honduras Oboe Project Education (HOPE). He studied at the Victoriano López School of Music. He is the winner of several competitions including the Young Promises Competition of the Victoriano School. He began his musical studies with José Ricardo Salazar, finishing his oboe studies with Roberto Varela. During his career as an oboist, he received master classes and mentorship from Dr. Euridice Alvarez. He worked as a teacher at the Victoriano López School from 2008 to 2017, serving as a teacher of music theory, history, and oboe. He has taught oboists who stand out in prestigious universities in the United States and Germany. He studied at the National Pedagogical University, and received private lessons in traditional harmony with Honduran composer Javier Reyes. Currently, he continues to work as a music teacher, training musicians at a national level who aspire to go out in search of achieving their professional dream.